[S7V8F3] Vout 14V


I use S7V8F3 3,3V to power ESP8285 (aka ESP-01). The application worked without any problem many months.

Pololu board powered from 3.7V 3400mAh 18650.
And ESP powered directly from Pololu board (without any overvoltage protection).

Now, during building of second exemplar I was able to burn some ESPs… before I measured Pololu’s Vout. It was about 14V! It is obvious that something gone wrong and I damaged the Pololu board and now the board outputs 14V. How is it possible? Can I repair it? Or IC is damaged? From damaged board I expect 0V… but not 14V :frowning:

My fault… but i am just curious why and how damaged board outputs 14V.

Many thanks


I am sorry you had electronics damaged like that. Can you post pictures here that show the regulator board and how you had it connected to your system while you were using it? Were you using an electrolytic capacitor between VIN and GND close to the regulator?