S7V7F5 vs S7V8F5 differences?

Other than the Physical size (and the dollar cost difference) what is the difference (Electrically - capacity, ripple, or what ever) between these two Step-Up/Step-Down Voltage Regulators? Their online descriptions are almost identical as are the specs for the two boards.

#2123: S7V8F5 5 V 1 A 2.7 V – 11.8 V 80% – 95% 0.45″ × 0.65″ $5.95
#2119: S7V7F5 5 V 1 A 2.7 V – 11.8 V 80% – 95% 0.35″ × 0.475″ $4.95

Is there an advantage of using the 8F5 over the 7F5 (greater heat dissipation due to a larger board?) or can I just go with the more economical solution and use the 7F5 board (is one iteration perhaps a new and improved version of the other?)


Those regulators are fairly similar. The most obvious difference between them is that the S7V8F5 has an extra pin for putting the regulator in a low-power mode (which makes it larger). Some other differences include their maximum output current (because they have different size inductors) and quiescent current draw. Which regulator is better for you depends on your specific application. If you need the extra current or shutdown pin, you should get the S7V8F5. Otherwise, the S7V7F5 should be fine.