S18V20ALV https://www.pololu.com/product/2572


Yesterday in an other Forum the argument came up to not use this type of switching Regulators as external power sources for digital cameras as the switching frequency can put interference Patterns into the digital Images.

How true is this ?

I want to build Dummy batteries for DSLRs with an Output Voltage of 7.4V or whatever voltage uses the camera and use different Input voltages like 5V from Power Pack or 12V from Car batteries etc.

Thanks and regards

Hi, Rainer.

We have not tried testing our regulators with digital cameras, so we cannot say whether they would cause interference with the images. We have heard of customers using them for camera and video camera applications before, but I am not sure what kind of filtering might have been required.


Hi Claire,

Thanks no problem. I just ordered 5 of those from a Mexican dealer for a reasonable price and I will test them then. Then we will know.

On the other side if these parts were already used by other and you did not get a question about why Interference I guess they are working :slight_smile: or instead of mounting them inside a Dummy battery, one leaves then just a few feet away from the camera and use a long cable for feeding the camera.

regards Rainer