Run Linear Actuator with a DUET WIFI

Hey there, newbie here.

I’ve got a DUET 2 WIFI mcu. I also posted on the duet forum but thought to try here as well - I was wondering if any thoughts here about how to connect a light-duty linear actuator ( to the duet ?

and controlling with gcode of course.



You might consider using one of our Jrk G2 motor controllers as we suggest in the “Using a Jrk G2 motor controller with a linear actuator with feedback” of the linear actuator’s product page. We are not familiar with the controller you mentioned, but if you are able to modify its firmware and it can send commands via TTL serial or I2C, then you might be able to add support for controlling the Jrk G2 from G-code.


this is my board:

not sure if I have those connections on it…
question is if I’m able to use the actuator as with steps - I’m planning to use it as an extruder and need control the amount with gcode.


I do not have any further advice about your Duet Wifi controller; you might check with the manufacturer to see what it can do.


ok thanks!