RST Pin on Maestro 12

It seems like anytime I touch my Maestro12 while it is running it acts like it is reset. All my servos move to start positions like I just powered it on. Sometimes I just have to get my hand close. I was wondering if tying the RST pin high is O.K. to see if this would help my problem. This doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it is kind of a pain.

Touching bare electronics while they are powered can often result in unpredictable behavior. For example, your skin has some resistance that could be making a connection to another part of the circuit. Also, you could risk a possibly damaging static shock (especially if you are not grounded or walking on surfaces prone to static such as carpet). In general, you should probably avoid touching the board while it is powered, but if you need to, you might consider covering part of it with electrical tape or some other nonconductive, anti-static material to avoid contacting it directly.