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To help you follow the forum more efficiently, we have added an RSS feed for automatically downloading all new posts to your reader of choice. Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 both have built-in support for RSS; click on the orange icon near the bottom of page to load the feed into your browser. We also recommend the Google Reader, which may be accessed by clicking the “Add to Google” link. Please post here if you have any questions about using our RSS feed.

I’m loving the new RSS feed, but since Friday I’ve been having a problem where the “Log me on automatically each visit” feature of the forum doesn’t completely work. It seems to get reset when I reboot my computer, or even if I have my browser closed for more than about ten minutes (but not if I close it then re-open it immediately).

I’m not sure if this problem is actually related to the RSS feed, but it did seem to coencide. It may have something to do with my browser settings, since I subscribed to the feed from my work and home computers (Firefox using Live Bookmarks).

Has anyone else been having this problem?


Hmm, it seems like phpBB tries to limit your session to a single IP address under some circumstances, which could be a problem if firefox is automatically reloading the feed every ten minutes from both your work and home computers. I just went into the code and attempted to disable that feature - let me know if you see an improvement!

It’s totally RSS related, or at least related to using Firefox for both browsing and RSS feeds.

My work computer is turned off right now, so it’s not refreshing anything, and my auto-login kept getting logged out even after your last post.

When I removed the forum from Live Bookmarks earlier, my browser stayed logged in for over an hour. Just now I added the forum back to Live Bookmarks, and sure enough I was logged out promptly.

I suppose I only really need one or the other, since I use the auto-login primarily to quickly see if there are new posts (i.e. orange page icons), but it just seems so odd that one would affect the other.