RS 232 Communication

Hi Forum Members

I am new in this Forum. Please help me to sort out the following problem. I have to connect of the control panel through RS232 port. In RS232, I have to use TX, RX, DTR and RTS pins only. I was wondering if I can use only one Wixel module. The idea is. I will program the Wixel module with wireless serial App. I will connect the panel directly to Wixel module and then I will communicate the module through blue tooth. Please clarify me, if I am wrong.

Please post a link to the panel, or to its documentation.

If the RS232 port is standard, signals are bipolar with inverted logic and may range from +/-5 to +/-12 V. You will need an RS232 adapter to interface with Wixel or other microprocessors.

To use Bluetooth, you will need a Bluetooth module, as Wixel is not compatible.