RP5 motor problems

Hello all,

I have an RP5 chassis which I’m currently driving from a stabilized ATX supply, using orangutan SVP as the driver / controller @ 12V.
left track (for our discussion purpose) is responding great while right track gets stuck once in a while (when starting from a complete halt) and I need to “release” it by turning the driving wheel with my hand a bit in the rotation direction.
I feel a slight opposition and then it starts turning as normal.

when powered off it seems loose as the left track and the sprockets seems intact.
anyone encountered such a problem or has a suggestion for solution?



Can you try to identify the part of the system is sticking (e.g. the drive motor, the track, or the sprocket)?

- Ben

Hi again and sorry for the delayed reply.

The part sticking is obviously the motor itself, the transmission is working fine and I measured with a scope the input to the motor and its a clear, healthy PWM signal.
Is there something to be done about the motor or is it a lost cause?