RP5 Maximum Speed -- I get one ft/sec


My RP5 driven by a 7.4 Li-Po battery and a 25A controller (overkill) gets a speed of 12"/sec on carpet. The ‘features’, as well as Carim’s spreadsheet, quote 6"/sec.

Since I received it last week, perhaps it’s a new version. I just want to make sure that I’m not burning up the motors. The RP5 works great and I’ve made many runs.

Any ideas?


Hello, Amos.

There is not a new version of the RP5. I think it could be a combination of us measuring the speed with not fully-charged batteries, your batteries being at a higher voltage and variation from unit to unit. Motors generally wear out quicker the more voltage you put on them, but the voltages you are talking about should be fine.

- Ryan