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ROVer is Starting to Show Signs of Life! :)

Hi all,

I’ve still got a ways to go, but my robot ROVer is starting to show signs of life. I’ve finally managed to get the two RoboClaw motor controllers to work via Packet Serial and the Arduino Uno, which in-turn is communicating with an Arduino MEGA ADK. The ADK board is now, even, connected to an Android tablet (Nexus 7), which will be ROVer’s “brain”. Very excited about what’s next and wanted to thank the Pololu support folks for getting me this far!

Here’s a link of the successful RoboClaw test:

I’ve also finally got ROVer’s website up and running to document the journey :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing ROVer in action!


Thanks Grant. Yeah, me too! …haha :slight_smile:

Follow ROVer @: rov-er.com