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ROS2 Industrial Ready Online Workshop / Oct 25 – 29, 2021

Dear roboticists,

The “Get ROS2 Industrial Ready” online workshop will take place from 25 to 29 October 2021.

In this five-day ROS2 workshop, learn how to program robots with ROS2 Galactic, including ROS2 Navigation2 and grasping with MoveIt2.

The online workshop includes training with the real robots, accessing them remotely using the technology we developed for our remote real robot labs.

Participants will practice with robot simulations and then with real robots to test their programs live.

# What you will learn

  • Creation of ROS2 packages
  • Management of the new Colcon universal building system
  • Topic publishers and subscribers in ROS2 Python
  • Nodes management: life cycle, executors and callback groups
  • Services and actions
  • Hybrid application with ROS1 and ROS2
  • Use of debugging tools in ROS2
  • ROS2 Mapping
  • ROS2 Localization
  • ROS2 Path Planning
  • ROS2 + DDS
  • Create and configure a MoveIt2 package for a robotic arm
  • Perform ROS2 Motion Planning & Grasping

# Prerequisites

  • Knowledge of Python Programming language
  • Basic understanding of Linux Ubuntu Operating System
  • Knowledge of ROS1 (recommended but not required)

# Real Robots Used

  • RB-1 Base mobile robot
  • UR3e robot arm

# Who is this workshop for

  • ROS developers that want to transition to ROS2
  • Researchers focusing their research on ROS2
  • Engineers or CTOs who want to build scalable robotics products, faster.

# Training Details

Day 1 - ROS2 Fundamentals Topic 1 Understanding Basic ROS2 Concepts - Structure and launch ROS2 programs (packages and launch files) - Create basic ROS2 programs (Python-based) - Understand basic ROS2 concepts: Nodes, Client Libraries, etc. Topic 2 ROS2 Topics - Topic Subscribers - Topic Publishers - Interfaces - Management of nodes Topic 3 ROS2 Debugging Tools - Use logs in ROS2 - RViz2 debugging tool - ROS2 doctor Day 2: ROS2 Advanced Topics - ROS2 DDS - ROS2 Services - ROS2 Actions - ROS1_Bridge Day 3: ROS2 Nav2 - ROS2 Mapping - ROS2 Localization - ROS2 Path Planning and Obstacle Avoidance Day 4: ROS2 Nav2 Advanced Features & Manipulation Topic 1 ROS2 Nav2 Galactic Functionality - Waypoint Task Executors - Speed Limited Zones - Keep out zones Topic 2 Arm Navigation with MoveIt2 - Configure a Moveit2 package for a robotic arm - Programatically perform motion planning Day 5: Grasping - Use perception to detect object location - Grasp object

# Organizers

The Construct (http://theconstructsim.com/), in cooperation with Robotnik Automation (https://www.robotnik.eu/).

Questions? Contact us at info@theconstructsim.com for all registration queries.