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Romi Line Following

Would someone please recommend some sensor that I could attach to the Romi so that I can get my kids to do a line following competition.

Thank you


If you happen to be using the TI-RSLK MAX, then I recommend our 8-Channel QTRX Sensor Array for Romi/TI-RSLK MAX.

We do not have any other reflectance sensors specifically designed for the Romi chassis, but our second generation of QTR reflectance sensor arrays are available in 14 different board widths, so there are several versions that could work with the Romi chassis. We have dimension drawings and 3D models of the Romi chassis and our QTR sensors that you could use to check physical compatibility ahead of time. You can find those files on our product pages under the “Resources” tab.

- Patrick

Sorry, I forgot to specify that we using the FRC version of the Romi.

From you suggestion, I am hearing that 2 of these mounted on the chassis should work, Pololu - QTRX-HD-01RC Reflectance Sensor: 1-Channel, 5mm Wide, RC Output, Low Current

Two QTR sensors is the minimum number I would recommend for making a PID line follower. There are 6 free pins (8 if you include the two hardware serial pins) on the Romi 32U4 Control Board by default, so you could also consider using more sensors or a larger array.

- Patrick

Great. That is what I thought…2 sensors per bot.