Romi beeping and unresponsive

I’ve got the FRC version of the Romi, and after fumbling with an unhandled exception for a while in a PIDController I was trying to run (FRC command-based java), the romi became unresponsive and played the high pitched repeating tone shown below. The tone repeated and the romi was unresponsive upon power cycling the robot as well.

Is there a list of the various error code tunes the romi will play somewhere? What can I do about this?


In your application, the buzzer is controlled by the WPILib software, which is not something we can directly support… However, it could just be that your batteries are drained to the point where they can no longer adequately power your electronics. Does the behavior persist with new or freshly charged batteries? If that does not fix the problem, I suggest you reach out to the WPILib team.



Our robot is running into similar issues and making the same sound. Were you able to find a solution?


Team 240