ROMI Add-Ons for FRC

I recently purchased the ROMI with the arm kit for training FRC kids. I would also like to add the capability to code in some range finding and reflectance. I read the docs that only analog sensors should be added for FRC bots. I am looking at

Before I go wild and buy stuff only to find out it doesn’t work, can anyone guide me on what might and might not work with the FRC Romi.



Both of the sensors you linked to are analog sensors.

Are you using the WPILib software? Could you point to the documentation that you are referring to that specifies only analog sensors should be used? We are not involved with the software side of the WPILib project, but the Romi 32U4 Control Board has digital and analog pins available, and my understanding is that their software provides a way to read both (although I am not very familiar with it). I suspect you could use digital or analog distance sensors, and their limitation of only using analog sensors was specifically for the QTR reflectance sensors (since the RC versions require some extra steps to process that probably aren’t supported through their software).