Romi 32U4

Hello ! I have a Romi 32U4 without Raspberry and without LCD.
I completed the robot without problems.
The connection with my computer works well and I have uploaded several exemples : everything works fine.

Now, I would like to create a program managing the accelerometer, the gyro and the motors in order to let the robot find its way and detecting the obstacles through the accelerometer…
Since I am a newbie and quite noob in C++ programming, it would be nice for me to find an exemple having such characteristics…
Were could I find one ?
Thanks in advance


I moved your post to the “Robots” subforum.

You can look at the code for the FaceUphill, InterialSensors, and RotationResist examples in the Romi32U4 library to get an idea of how to read and interpret the values from the Romi 32U4’s sensors and program the behavior that you are describing. For a detail description of what each example does, see the comments at the top of each sketch.

- Amanda

Thanks a lot, Amanda !