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Robotic Arena 2016, Wroclaw, Poland

Get ready for a thrilling contest! Robotic Arena will be held on Dec 10, 2016. Student Interest Group KoNaR from Wroclaw University of Science and Technology once again will organize one of the most interesting robotic competitions in Poland. This year a total of 12 categories! There is no entry fee.


  • Sumo,
  • Minisumo Enhanced,
  • Microsumo Enhanced,
  • Nanosumo,
  • Linefollower Light,
  • Linefollower Turbo,
  • Linefollower Drag,
  • Linefollower Enhanced,
  • Micromouse 16x16,
  • Micromouse 8x8,
  • Puck collect,
  • Freestyle.

website: www.roboticarena.pl/en
faebook: event, fanpage