Robot, voice control


Cool robot; thanks for sharing pictures of it! It would be great to see a video of your robot in action or more details about the project (e.g. how did the project start and what devices and materials did you use).

- Amanda


Controlling stepper motors with Pololu TIC 249

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It’s Alive!

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preparing the Maker Faire Bilbao (Spain) 2022

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Saw the video. Is any voice recognition module used here or you developed your own hardware and software for the voice control part? Normally I have used and seen other people using mobile apps for voice controlled robots. But looks like you’re not using any mobile app. That’s why I’m feeling curious.

Hello¡ The program is write with Visual Studio in c#

Awesome performance! Great work no doubt.

there is still a lot to finish

Here I came across another voice control robot tutorial. It’s not as handsome as your one, but smart of course. This one uses a Machine learning model. They have used codecraft to train the model. Well, finally I am glad that we can get rid of mobile apps for doing such projects.