Robot SAK - Colombia (Based on the pololu 3pi)

Hello i want to share with you my project, is a line follower based on the 3pi robot. it uses a Pic18F4550 with USB. don´t need external programmer. only a mini usb cable.

pd: my english isn’t very good.


That is very impressive. So you basically made your own 3pi clone based on an entirely different processor? Can you tell us more about how you made it and post some pictures of it?

- Ben

it is not bad, I have shared it. :smiley:

the robot was constructed to participate in robotics competitions because here in Colombia do not allow commercial robots. I relied on the 3pi robot because I really liked its design.

Robot components are:

-2 micro metal gear motor 30:1 HP
-1 pololu adjustable Boost Regulator 2.5-9.5V
-TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver Carrier
-Graphic Display of Nokia 1100 Cellphone
-Pololu Wheel 32x7mm Pair
-Ball Caster with 1/2" Plastic Ball
-QRE1113 Sensors.

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I want to share whit you another videos of my robot SAK: