Robot no movement

We recently tested one of the available codes in the Arduino library for the movement of our Zumo Bot v1.2. However, some unexpected problems occurred. The main problem is the movement of the actual robot. We used the border detect example in the Zumo library. The code successfully ran because the buzzer made a noise. But the robot did not move and made some buzzing sound


It looks like you are trying to power your Zumo through a 9V alkaline battery, but those batteries are not appropriate for applications like powering the motors on the Zumo like these since they cannot handle that kind of current draw. Can you try removing that and powering your Zumo with fresh AA batteries (either alkaline or rechargable NiMH)? If you continue having trouble, could you let me know what kind of batteries you are using and measure the voltage of each one?

- Patrick

Yeah. thanks for this. Apparently, one of our 1.5v batteries only has 1V when we tested it using a multimeter. mb and thanks again