Robot IRB 1600

I’m looking for some information about ABB robot IRB 1600, especially data about weight of each part, parts drawings, assembly drawing.
Do you think that is possible to get this information, and how ?
I must do 3D model in Inventor, as my study work, so I need accurate datas.
What do you think?

This isn’t a terribly common robot arm, so your best bet is to go straight to the manufacturer.

I see that they have CAD models of the IRB 1600 and other information available on the product website, so you’re halfway there. You can extract things like link lengths and joint orientations from these.

The IRB 1600 data sheet has joint ranges, but I don’t see the individual link weights or the locations of their centers of mass. You could try calling or e-mailing the company directly to ash for a complete DH parameter table with link weights and centers of mass and such, but they might choose to keep this information private.

Good luck!


Actually I’ve conntacted with the ABB, but they’ve told me that is not allowed to get me this information. But in this page : … ab=summary, I found some inforamtion. But I still haven’t got any data about weight, and reduction ratio.

Yeah, it doesn’t surprise me that they don’t want to just give that information out. After all, they don’t just want to sell the arm mechanism, but the controller too, and a teach pendant to boot. I can understand that, but it doesn’t do you much good for your project.

That torrent looks like a goldmine though, have you downloaded it and looked through all the files?


Yes I’ve downloaded it, and it looks interesting. I’ve checked only files matched with IRB1600, and there ara many information, some assembly drawings, especially in Product Manual pdf. Now I know that there are normal toothed gears.
And I’ve found way to check reduction ratio. I can use Robot Studio (programming software), and use ReadMotro() function of this programme. By 90 dgs revolution of arm I can determine the ratio.
But it will take some time, now I don’t know Robot Studio, and I dont’ want to destroy sth.
If someone know sth about ratio, drawings, weight of parts, please write.

I think IRB 1600 is the latest member of the small robot family and will broaden ABB’s robot range even further.