Robot hand

Hi, im planning on building an robot hand, and I will need approx 10 degrees of freedom. But as of now im unsure of how to proceed. should I use servos or stepper motors(what are the differnces), and what kind of motorcontroller, I see you have both IC’s and controllerboards, again pros and cons, so many choises, what to choose:)

  • I already have a Bipom,MINI-MAX/51-C2, controller for the brain.
    any help suggestions much appreciated.


I think that your project sounds too ambitious for your level of knowledge, or at least that your questions are too broad to expect meaningful answers. (It’s like walking into Home Depot and asking how to build a house without knowing a hammer from a screwdriver.) You did touch on some of the bigger points, so it looks like you know some of what you will need to research or learn about. In general, I think servos will be your easiest and cheapest actuator option, and you might want to start with something like a servo controller to control them so you get some sense of what they’re capable of and what’s involved in controlling them.

- Jan