Robot finds Pololu Beacon using Ping to avoid barrier

I just finished a project using the Pololu Beacon coupled with a Ping to avoid obstacles. The BS2E powered robot acts as a horse guided by the Beacon rider. Long term I want to build a GPS for an outdoor robot that uses the same four pin interface to guide my 4x4 robot. So I can fully debug the horse software in my home before heading to the park.

Here’s a video:


Thanks for sharing. Are you building your robot for a competition?

- Ryan

Ryan, sorry for the delayed reply. It’s been a week since I checked the Pololu forums. No it is not for a competition as I don’t have the time. I do these projects as a hobby at my own pace, but make videos to keep me motivated.

My idea is to build a smart “horse” robot that has 4 pin reins that any rider can control. The Pololu beacon being one rider example. I also bought I bought a GPS and plan to build a GPS rider. You feed the GPS a way point which acts as a virtual beacon, and the robot will travel there under the direction of the GPS rider. Or you could have a remote control rider that directs the horse, but can’t command it to go into the ditch.

I have two robots with identical microcontrollers, sensors, and similar driver systems, one is for the kitchen floor and the other is a 4x4 for use outside. The idea is that a program written from one works for the other, so I can debug most of this in my kitchen rather than outside where the GPS works.