Robot Control Interface?

I want to be able to use a GUI on a laptop that has a Wixel attached to it to control a robot that uses a Wixel for communication.

What I’m thinking is:
Onboard microcontroller uses C to program the controller, motors, and the wireless module.
I’ll wrap the Wixel API with C to extend Python.
Python code that calls the Wixel API that I wrapped with C that extends Python. PyGTK will also be used for the GUI.

Is the above possible?


Which API are you talking about? We have not released any PC software called the “Wixel API”.

I think your plan is much more complicated than it should be. Assuming you are running a Wixel app that appears to the computer as a virtual COM port (such as our Wireless Serial App), your Python code can send and receive bytes from the Wixel the same way it would talk to any other serial port. I think pySerial is the right library for you to use but I have not used it before:

You would not have to write any C code on the PC side.


I have used the wixel in the way you describe, except I used Visual Studio and C++ to write data to the serial port. I have also used the PySerial module with sucess on Linux machines but not Windows - I get errors about having acess to the port. If you know a way around that it should work.
Good Luck!