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Robot/Automated Coffee Maker

Hey guys,

I wasn’t sure where to post this but I just wanted to share it with the forum anyway. I was inspired to create an automatic/robot coffee machine by watching this guys videos:

I’m in the US so I am used to drinking hot coffee so I wanted to create a machine that used the standard equipment we use here. This is only phase 1 of the machine. I later hope to add mechanisms to dispense grounds, sugar, creme and stir the coffee when complete.

Here is a video describing what I have so far:

Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks.


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Great project! I am looking forward to your added features; please keep us updated. Are you using any of our products? (I could not tell from the video.)


Unfortunately I am not. I just wanted to share this project to hopefully inspire someone else. Thanks for looking!

I also tried to make that but it didn’t work for me.