RoboRealm to Micro Maestro


We are trying to build an underwater ROV with image processing, hence RoboRealm, and RC servos and ESC driven from Micro Maestro on the ROV. We have a Belkin Network USB which gets the USB connection down to the ROV.

We need help getting the connection between RoboRealm and the Micro Maestro to work. We have tried RoboRealm’s Serial module but it fails to connect to either of Maestro’s pseudo comm ports.

Any examples or even suggestions for how this can be done?

See: under “Underwater ROV” for more details.


Have you put your Maestro in to “USB Dual Port” or “USB Chained” mode so that it can accept commands from the Command Port (one of its virtual COM ports)?

You could try the Roborealm SSC module. It should work because the Maestro supports the Mini SSC protocol.

The Roborealm Serial module you mentioned should also work. What error message are you getting? When you try to connect, does the green LED on the Maestro flicker?

Can you connect to the Maestro’s virtual COM ports using another program such as the Pololu Serial Transmitter?


Thanks David. Apparently the problem was nothing that restarting my PC could not fix. RoboRealm Serial, Pololu SSC, and your Pololu Serial Transmitter can all connect just fine in USB Dual Port and Chained. Before only the Maestro Control Center was working.

By the way I don’t have much robotic experience and the fact that get this far along in 1 day is a real testament to the product.

Thanks for helping us back on path.

Cool, I’m glad you figured out your problem. Good luck with your underwater vehicle! --David

This is cool! STeven at RoboRealm found an issue with the RoboRealm, Pololu SSC module driving the Micro Maestro so he wrote a new module that is now available. And it took less than a week! I wish we could get vendors at work to respond like that. Two thumbs up for RoboRealm.

That’s neat! Do you know what the issue was?