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Robomaticon 2014 Mobile Robot Tournament in Warsaw

Do you construct robots? Would you like to test them during the competition? Are you looking for a motivation to construct a new machine? Robomaticon is a place for you! Robomatic, Scientific Association of Warsaw University of Technology, for the fourth time has the honour to invite you to Robomaticon – Mobile Robots’ Tournament! The competition will take place on 8th of March 2014 in the main building of Warsaw University of Technology.
If you want to take part in the rivalry, don’t hesitate and choose something for yourself from a large selection of the competitions. For this edition we have prepared as many as 12 competitions, including 5 new ones:

Standard competitions:
Line Follower – the robot follows the black line and it has to cover the outlined route in the shortest time possible
MicroMouse – the robotic mouse has to find the exit from the labyrinth, of course as quickly as possible
Sumo, miniSumo and nanoSumo – robots’ struggles in the ring
Freestyle – free constructions; creativity, original idea and workmanship are what count in this competition
Puck Collect – two robots’ fight over the pucks on the board

Line Follower Enhanced – as in the Line Follower, the robot has to cover the route marked with a black line, but it also has to confront the obstacles, which may appear on its way
microSumo – the next Sumo weight group
Humanoid Sprint – humanoid robots’ race
Humanoid Sumo – humanoid robots’ sumo tournament
DeathRace – the robot has to run a few laps on the outlined route fighting with other robots in the shortest time possible

The rules of our competitions are available on our website. Attractive prizes will be as always offered to all the winners.

As organizers we offer help with finding accommodation to stay overnight. In case of any questions, please contact us! We will be glad to provide you with information: robomaticon.pl/en/contact/form

Our website: www.robomaticon.pl

We hope to see you soon,

Members of the Scientific Association Robomatic