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RoboClaw + Encoded Motor harness

I have the 5A RoboClaw and some of your encoded motors and it sure would be nice if I could just plug the motors into the RoboClaw but every pin/wire is miss-matched from the plug on the motor’s harness. I am going to have to make my own harnesses. Wish I could buy one. :frowning:


Thank you for the product suggestion. There are many different connectors, gearmotors, and motor controllers out there, so it’s probably not going to be practical for us to offer a particular harness unless there is a lot of demand for that motor and controller combination. You can probably achieve a lot of what you are looking for by pulling the crimped wire ends out of the plastic housing and rearranging them into one of our crimp connector housings, like this 2x4 housing.


Not really. All your encoded motors have the same connector with the same sequence.

Yes, but aren’t the RoboClaws the popular? I was just thinking that if the Roboclaws are popular and all your motors with encoders have the same connector then it would be natural to supply a harness. Or better yet, get RoboClaw’s manufacturer to make a version that allows your encoded motors to just plug right in since I would think your motors are not unique to Pololu but are a popular motor on the market that you are reselling. Also, you seem to make your own motor controllers so it seems to me you would make them pin comfortable with your own motors since most of your motors are the same connector.

“Popular” is subjective; we do not expect the demand to be there for the harness you are asking for. Another reason we don’t expect it to be generally attractive is that the RoboClaw pinout does not allow the same connector to work for single- and dual-motor applications. I think you might be underestimating the effort involved in releasing or revising a product line like the RoboClaws or overestimating how many people want what you are looking for. We might pursue some of the approaches you suggested if we expected demand for thousands of these things; right now, our impression is that the actual demand is not anywhere near that.

We’d be happy to hear from others who would be interested in such harnesses.