Has anyone yet hacked a Robosapien to replace the control board with a Pololu controller?

ISTM that a Baby Orangutan plus three Micro Dual Serial Motor Controllers (since Robosapien has seven motors) ought to do the job, and fit into his chest cavity nicely. Nonfunctional Robosapiens (which most likely just have a loose wire somewhere, and at worst may have a dead controller, which you’d be replacing anyway) are being sold on eBay pretty cheap. After the Pololu hardware, you’d probably have more invested in it than a standard Robosapien – but then you’d have something fully programmable, too.

I’ve seen a lot of sites with Robosapien “hacks” but nothing that replaces the controller completely. I’d love to try it, but I haven’t the resources for it at the moment. If anybody knows of a project like this, please let me know.

And if not, maybe you can be the first?

- Joe