Robbie 2dof sim model for rfactor

this is just simply using a servo controller card to run two servos in X-sim Software driven by rfactor.

now this works fine but i wish to upsize the servos to run a 12v DC power window motor.
but having many problems with hook up.
from what i have read and worked out i can take the small dc motors from the servos and using the points where the motor was attached to connect 2 wires to feed the md03a card ina and inb to drive the dc 12v motors but on hookup she frizled both boards.

Now my serial card still fires up but no servo movement. green light flashes with commands but no movement at servo.
tried different servos (unmodified) to no luck think i killed it.

Is there an easyer way to do this.
or possible for a wiring diagram - futaba s148 servos used


Can you provide a drawing of how you had things hooked up when the boards “frizled”? Does that mean smoke came out, and if so, from where?

In general, our jrk motor controllers with feedback is what we recommend for making your own large servos.

- Jan

capacister blew out the bottom.

Cheers mate Ive been up all night reading aboat the same card and now looking at trying to purchase from my local supplier his not showing it on site but theres not a full listing of what his got.Or is there another supplier here in Perth,Western Australia. If not will order here just takes 3 weeks to come to Australia. Snail Mail.

This was reproduced by a fellow overseas but he wont give up the wiring diagram he used or wont help on how to modify the s148 servo to link the right info to motor controller.

Cheers again from all the every growing sim race community here in Australia they all sitting on the edges of their seats awaiting me to finish and post info to all. As the only local 2dof platform available here is 27000 which i think is rude.20 people already have repeated my project here in Australia as well i have livened up serveral car dash boards with servos and ya Servo Controller it works beautifully with 15 different games with X-sim Software.

Thanks mate and I owe ya beer. (if ya ever in Aust.) the post dont like beer going overseas lol


We do have another distributor in Perth: They unfortunately don’t currently carry the md03a, either.

- Ryan

If the capacitors blew out, they were installed backwards or you applied power backwards. That should be relatively easy to repair, and the capacitors don’t have to exactly match what we provided. They should generally be above 25V and you should try to get at least a few hundred uF on there.

- Jan

thanks for the link ryan will give them a call today to source a jrk card if not will order online tonight. ah is there a unit like it that will control 2 dc motors with feedback or is it better to daisy chain cards as software im using will communicate to both, separately or linked.

So jan after a couple of tests last night looks like the mdo3a is still alright and will keep aside for future units
But my servo controller just blinks green with command with no signal making it to a servo will test again with new bec and servos arriving today. but still looks no good. Wiring diagram will follow tonight. Not enough time to draw it up over lunch.

Thanks again top product with support.

You might have inadvertently changed the servo numbers to which the controller responds. One quick way to check if the I/O pin is alive is to use Mini SSC II mode (jumper on); after you send the first byte, the servo should go to its neutral point.

- Jan

nah jan no response from card on the servo pins at all. Buying a new one to create usb dashboard for fellow sim racer.
Will test servos on that one.
What should i do with other bin/do ya want me to mail it to you for testing ??
Cheers Robotgear has ordered cards for me and should arrive Tuesday that will be the big day. cross me fingers and hope it all works.

I think you should hang onto it; I think it’s unlikely that all the servo ports would get destroyed while the rest of the device functions normally. You might be able to figure out more once you have the rest of your parts.

- Jan

cheers jan got me mate whos an electrical enginneer playing with it seems to be short in servo circuit.
Caused by me.
Once finished i will re post be video with instructions a how to build a run it.
Metal work finished a full scale, motors and pots install just awaiting cards to test unit.
Man i wish their was better supplier in Aust. Ya should talk to Dick Smith Pty Ltd here in Aussie
they proberly would stock every item ya sell.
Cheers for now expect a full post in about 2 weeks.

Thank you for the distributor suggestion. Retail stores like Dick Smith usually demand nicer packaging that we currently are able to provide. Am I correct that the products at their store have nicer packaging than just anti-static bags with labels?

- Ryan

ah na mate dick smith stock card of competitors in stat bags all the time.
Ya should check it out.
Ya got some top products that if more readily available more people would buy.
Ya suppliers here in WA only have usless net stores, no face to face support or service.
A real let down. How does beginners in Robotics like me get it.
Anyway talking to my local computer store this is who im developing the seat for, already produce a simple sim rig just trying to take it to the next level. And if i could see or purchase cards/info quickly the project would have already been finished and ready for christmas sales but its been a stuff around. Wait for someone to order card because they have very little stock (its only a hobby to them,second job) then wait a week to arrive then another week for them to deliver to you. Then it heres ya card…bye…and thats it your suppose to be the expert. Blah.
If could of found a simular aussie product i would have bought it regardless the price as long as i could purchase it when i wanted it not 2 weeks after brainstorm and cant remember exactly what i was going to do. Ya loss the want to build.

Sorry for the blab but its a sore point here in Aussie we are so far behind.
If i had the money to invest, man i would stock 1to2 of everything and be doing demos and shows at schools here in WA would drive a massive interest in ya product - simple but very powerful.

So rock on guys and thanks for ya help.

P.s Jan servo card is stuffed send mix signals to servos. they get really hot on 5v motor starts to glow and smoke.
so its now in the bin along with 80 dollars of servos. Dont worry my fault worked out were i went wrong anlong servo cant sent digital signals…bloody noob i am. cheers for ya help. Awaiting cards ordered thursday will arrive tuesday maybe in my hand by next friday, like a bloody snail. as above. :smiling_imp: :laughing:

I’m not sure if I’m following everything you’re saying, but the servo controller should work with digital or analog servos, and the failure mode in any case should not involve smoke. One easy way to destroy servos is plugging in power backwards or using too much voltage (way more than 5V).

- Jan