Right wire for 0.1" crimp pins

I have 22 AWG multi-stranded wire (0.062" O.D.) and it’s insulation too thick to fit into pololu’s crimp pins (both male and female). I actually managed to “cram” one into it but after crimping it won’t go in the pin header. What kind of wire do you recommend? I had success with CAT5e wires, but they are super thin (I think about 24 AWG)…


As mentioned on their product page, our crimp pins should work with 22 to 28AWG wires, though some 22AWG wires with thick insulation might be difficult to fit into the pins. The pre-crimped wires that we offer use 22 to 26AWG wires, which are good sizes to be used with our crimp pins. We do not have the wire available by itself yet, though we are looking to carry some in the future. If you want to use 22AWG wire, you might try finding some with thin insulation. Unfortunately, we do not have a good specific source to recommend.

- Jeremy

I have your crimper and use your .1" pins and housings regularly but I thought it was worth asking.

When I use your housings with your pre-crimped wires and headers they slide all the way in and are great.

When I crimp my own using 24-28 gauge wire I always have to get out a tiny screwdriver and push the headers down into the housing. Am I doing something wrong?
I’m using the “outer-most” crimp slot on the crimping tool, everything looks good but they don’t slide into the headers nice and clean like your pre-cimped wires do?

Any advice would be much appreciated!



Hello, Andy.

I am not sure which part of the crimp pin is giving you problems, but as we note on our product page the strain relief barrel sometimes ends up a little overly flattened, making it too wide to fit comfortably into the crimp pin housing. In such situations, you can use a pair of pliers to gently squeeze the wider axis of the barrel into a more cylindrical shape that will slide easily into the housing. To prevent this, you might try adjusting the crimp pin position when you are crimping the pins and see if you can get the pin crimped into a better shape.

- Grant