Right board for a halloween skull?

Just received a micro maestro and for a newbie it was incredibly easy to set up and use. My brother in law and I created a talking skull for a halloween prop and the controller did a great job . Its very similar to “bucky” for any of you that might be into the holiday. Anyway, thanks for the fast service and great product!

Our skull is wired using a usb cable to communicate with the maestro. It does a great job with my servos but the effect loses its pop with a laptop sitting near by. So, the obvious question is…Are Wixels a viable way to go if we want to go wireless? I have no problem working with a schematic or fabrication…just not enough experience to know which way to go.

Thanks for any help!!!

Hello. I am glad you had a good experience setting up the Maestro. I don’t know exactly how you are controlling the Maestro currently, or what features you need, or how good you are at programming, so I can only give you a general answer.

You can certainly use the Wixel’s Wireless Serial App to set up a wireless serial link from your computer’s USB port to the Maestro. With that setup, you won’t be able to use the Maestro control center but you can write your own software to send the right command bytes to the Maestro.

It might be easier to just attach a switch/button to the Maestro with a long pair of wires and use that to trigger your Halloween display.


Sorry for the delay and the confusion. Basically all I’m looking for is a wireless version of the Maestro. Right now direct control(ie. the control center) is fine while we are still in design mode but eventually we want to feed routines either through scripting or using a shell on a laptop. After digging around on the internet, it looks like the Wixel is the way to go.

Once again, sorry and thanks…just an “old man” too long out of the game.