Reversible ESC (Brushless)


First I would like apologize for my english (I’m french).
My question is the following one : I would like to manage reverse ESC (for car brushless), but I didn’t find Arduino code example (for Pololu Maestro) using reverse ESC.
1°) Is it possible to manage reversible ESC with Pololu Maestro?
2°) Then have you some examples?

Thank you very much!


Hello, Mike.

Thank you for your interest in our Maestro servo controller. We are not very familiar with reversible ESCs, but if they can be controlled with standard RC servo pulses, you could likely use them with the Maestro. We have an Arduino library for controlling a Maestro with an Arduino over serial. You can find a link to the GitHub page for that library listed under the “Resources” tab of any of the Maestro product pages. The library does not have any code specifically written for ESCs, but you should be able to use the basic example code and modify the second parameter in the setTarget commands to vary the motor speed commanded by your ESC.


Hello Jonathan.

Thanks for your response. Finally your Servo Maestro could be used for reversible ESC. In fact the rotate direction is defined by PWM ([1000 ; 1500] for clock and [1500 ; 2000] for other).
Then Servo Maestro will one more time be perfect for my application (ship, small and use full) ^^.

Thank you, have a nice day.



PS : Sorry for my english but I am only read technical documents in english ^^