Reverse voltage on Mini MOSFET Slide Switch with 2810


I am using the item Mini MOSFET Slide Switch with Reverse Voltage Protection, LV 2810 .
I saw that while the device is off switch the output on the Vout is negative.
Is it not dangerous to have a negative voltage on electronics such as Computer,


When our Mini MOSFET Slide Switch is off the output is disconnected and floating, so any voltage you see there could only be from whatever is connected to the output. If you post a picture or diagram or your setup and let me know what voltage you see on the output as well as how you are measuring it, I might be able to help you figure out if that voltage is normal and where it is from.



Thanks for the replay.
i saw the negitve voltage on Vout when there was no load connecting and the switch was off. but when the load is connected the output is around 0.5 volt.

i think it is good enough for us , but still i don’t understand the Vout differences with load/no_load.

When a node is floating (not connected to anything) its voltage is not really stable or predictable, but I would not be surprised to see it fluctuate around 0V and go a little negative. When you connect your load the output node is no longer totally disconnected from everything, so its voltage is affected.

I would not worry about it, but if you still have concerns, you could post a diagram or picture of your connections, and I would be happy to take a look.