Return to original position when button is released? [Mini Maestro]

I’m working on a very simple project where I need a servo to move to a certain position for as long as a button is pressed then return to its original position when its released. Is this even possible or will I need 2 buttons (one to move it and one to move it back)?. As Im trying to make this as small as possible that would not be ideal so if at all possible I would like to only use one button. If this is possible can someone please send me sample code or point me in the right direction for this that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance

  • James

EDIT: oops… No clue why this is in support and I do not see a way to remove that tag… if any moderator sees this post please remove the support tag as that is not relevant.

Hello, James.

Yes, it is possible to write a script to the Maestro that can use a single button press to set a servo to one of two positions like that. We have an example script, “Using a button or switch to control servos”, that can help you get started on writing your own script that does that. You can find that example, as well as others, under the “Example Scripts” section of the Maestro user’s guide, which you can finder under the Resources tab of its product page. If you have trouble writing code that does that, you can post what you have tried here and I would be happy to help.

As for the “Support” tag, that is a super category for our “Servo controllers and servos” subforum, which is an appropriate subforum for questions about the Maestro.