Reset Wixel By Code

Hi All,

Is there a way to reset the Wixel by calling a function like…

void resetWixel(){

//Reset code Goes Here...


I tried this…

void resetWixel(){

	// Reset the system by enabling the watchdog timer and waiting.
	WDCTL = 0b1011; // EN=1 (enabled), MODE=0 (watchdog mode), INT=11 (period is 2 ms)


But the compliler reported warnings… So I thought there might be a better way…

Complier warnings…

warning 112: function ‘resetWixel’ implicit declaration
warning 84: ‘auto’ variable ‘resetWixel’ may be used before initialization

Hello. I think you are on the right track. Just remember that in C, your source file needs to have a function definition or prototype above the location where you try to call the function. --David

So I have my reset function working… I have a question however. Is resetting the MC this way (soft reset) the same as doing a full power cycle reset? Do all buffers get cleared and do systems get fully re-initalized with a “Soft Reset” (*one initiated by watchdog…)

Hello. For almost every purpose, resetting via the watchdog timer or reset pin should be the same as doing a full power cycle. The only two differences I can think of are:

  • If the CC2511 has a register telling you what the source of the last reset was, obviously that register will be affected.
  • The values held in RAM could conceivably be retained while the microcontroller has power. If you are running buggy C code that reads an uninitialized value from RAM, you could get different results depending on how you reset.