Required files?

A suggestion for a sticky at the top of this forum should include what files are needed by you for generating a stencil from someone’s design.
As such, that is my question…what files are needed for a SMT stencil? Do you want all the gerber files or just the top solder layer?


The best file is a gerber file with embedded apertures (RS-274X) of your stencil layer (also called paste or cream layers). The stencil layer is NOT a solder mask layer (typically the green insulator on a PCB), which has expanded apertures and includes through-hole pads and vias. If your software does not support a stencil layer, you can make a copy of your design and delete all the copper except for your pads and then send me a gerber of that layer.

If you have multiple designs you want to submit at once, please send them in a single .zip file.

A real dedicated site for the stencils is coming, but for now, we have some basic information at, and you can email your file directly to me at jan at this domain.

- Jan


Thanks for the reply. I emailed you my file yesterday, so am all set now, thanks. I use EagleCad and will try and make a short “tutorial” for other EagleCad users in case the question comes up again. Thanks again for your help.