Request - Please Indicate Resource Updates


I would like to request that the Pololu team consider a couple of things:

1.) Setting up some type of revision log, or “what’s new” section on either the resource or description tab on the 3pi page. For the moment, I pretty much resort to checking the quantity on the resource tab to determine if anything has changed.

2.) Adding a revision date to the top of the users guide - as with the resources, I pretty much have to troll the guide to figure out if there have been any changes.

Question - The latest revision to the user guide on maze solving refers to the source code code as being in the \examples\3pi-mazesolver folder. Didn’t see them in the library downloads - any idea when they might be available?

I do have to say, the 3pi is one neat little platform, and I do look forward to many hours working with it.

Thanks for your consideration.


Sorry about the missing maze solver code. There was a link (on the Resources page) to an old version of the library, which I have now fixed. Please download the latest version (the filename should contain the date “080826”) and give it another try.

I’m glad to know that you’re looking for updates on the 3pi, and I’ll try to make it easier to find the latest information in the future. If it’s any help to you, we think that the libraries and examples are in a stable state now, and we don’t plan to add new features in the immediate future. Is there anything you’d particularly like to see in the libraries? We’re hoping that new features are going to be driven by 3pi users’ experiences, as people start posting code, movies, hacks, etc. on this forum.