Request for Robot Servo Firmware

I was wondering if the serial servo controller can be updated to control Robot Servos from Hitec.
These special robot servos has positioning commands and can behave like a normal servo but they can go 360 Degrees.

I would like something like this so that I can make use of these servos but when I finish with them
I would like it to go back to a certain position.

Mainly Kondo ICS protocol based Servos which are very popular.

The following link is the only place where there is Visual Studio C++ source that is
opensource to read the servo position:



I’m not sure which servo controller you’re talking about. Our new Maestro USB servo controllers support firmware updates, and any new development on our part will be targeted for those newer servo controllers. However, we don’t have any plans for supporting any specialized servo protocols. I looked around a bit and didn’t find the Hitec servos with continuous rotation and position control; can you be more specific, with a particular part number and maybe a link to a description of the servo and protocol?

- Jan

HiTec HSR-8498HB Robot Servo - USES HMI as the protocol
KONDO Robotic servo - Uses CLS as the protocol.
Kondo KRS-786 ICS Servo Motor Red Version

Red Version is the most up to date Kondo Servo.

Did you not see the link to the source code in Visual c++??


Based on a bit of searching, both of the servos you mention do not seem to have 360 degree operation.

I don’t know what you expect people to get from that link. It kind of looks like you’re suggesting we go dig through a few dozen links, find the right one and download a .zip file of another several dozen files, find the right one, and then look through hundreds of lines of code to try to figure out what you are talking about. But that would not be reasonable, right?

In case the first few links I saw about these servos were just wrong, can you provide a link to something that at least indicates these servos can do 360 degrees? Looking at the protocols for the servos you mentioned, the main point seems to be the ability to read back the servo position. Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to be something we can support on our servo controllers, but we’ll look into it a bit more.

- Jan