Request for Motor driver buying advice


I would really appreciate if you could please give me some valuable advice. I need to buy a motor driver for the 37D motors. The more advanced motor drivers that take RC input are very feature rich as opposed to the mosfet drivers.

I am using a third party control system that can either generate RC signals or PWM. And I want to have the option to make a responsive control system like your line follower (3PI).

RC signals can only be refreshed at 50Hz as per their protocol, is that enough? or should I go in for a PWM system that in my case can be refreshed at 128Hz.

Do RC input based drivers have a inherent disadvantage when compared to simple H-bridges?


First off, we make a distinction between motor drivers and motor controllers, with controllers being drivers plus some extra control intelligence provided by an on-board microcontroller. Which type of device is more appropriate for your application depends on what your ultimate control source is. If you have a microcontroller that can generate the necessary signals and has the processing time available, doing more of the motor control right on your microcontroller gives you the potential to have more control over the motor. In your case, even the 128 Hz update rate for your internal PWM sounds pretty limited, so I would worry if you have the additional resources to actually take care of the motor control. Also, if you have a microcontroller, the recommended way to use it with one of our motor controller is to use the serial interface, which is a lot faster and accurate than the servo pulse interface.

If you can only change your PWM output at 128 Hz, though, I separately think your controller is not up to controlling something like a 3pi, which can update its motors about a thousand times per second while line following.

- Jan