Replacement pinions for Tamiya No 97

I have a Tamiya #97 gearbox with upgraded Solarbotics RM3 motors and I need to replace one of the pinions as it appears to have cracked.
This project is from 2009.
The pinion gears I used on the motors are the one from the Tamiya Gearbox. They have no untoothed collar part, and are 100% toothed. They are in the photo on the #97 box.

I have a second set of RM3 motors from the 2009 order and the pinions included there are not the same because they have an untoothed collar part.

Is there a way I can order more pinions for the Tamiya #97 gearbox? I see the who assembly is on sale right now anyway, but if I could just get the pinion to repair the project it would be great. If I can’t get it from Pololu, I don’t know the specifications so I don’t know what to order from a small parts site.

Thank you,

Hello, wa5znu.

Unfortunately, we do not carry any spare gears for any of the Tamiya gearboxes. However, it still seems that the pinion gears are similar enough to be interchanged. Have you tried replacing the Tamiya ones with the ones included with the RM3s?

By the way, we do not carry any Tamiya products with part number 97. I am guessing you are referring to the Tamiya Twin Motor gearbox, which is Tamiya item number 70097. For future inquiries, please use the correct part numbers for products so we can be sure we are addressing your questions correctly.