Replacement motors

I wish replacement motors were available for the Micro Metal Gearmotors such as #1094.

I think I damaged the motors soldering and unsoldering wires.

I am very experienced at soldering and am surprised at how easily this happened.

You “think” you damaged them? How do you believe so? It’s not super easy to damage the leads coming out.


I am also curious about how soldering damaged your motor. In what sense is the motor damaged? Can you post a picture?

Stocking just the motors might be impractical since they require different pinion gears for the different gear ratios, and as far as I know, breaking just the motor is quite rare, but we’ll pay attention for more problems or requests along these lines.

- Jan

I second this. I just burned up a #2212 :stuck_out_tongue:

And it’s out of stock… :stuck_out_tongue: