Replacement Micro Metal Gearmotor Help

Need help finding a replacement for this Micro Metal Gearmotor. This was installed in a Robart Electric Retract Actuator for model aircraft retractable landing gear. It appears to be identical to the Micro Metal Gearmotors that are sold here…I just don’t know the specs to order a replacement. The motor has 150158 printed on it’s case and the capacitor attached to the terminals has 104 on it.
Any RC modelers out there?
Patrick Niven

Hello, Patrick.

That gearmotor looks like it might have some slight differences from the gearmotors we carry. You can look at the dimensions and specifications of our micro metal gearmotors on their product pages and see if one of them would work as a replacement for you. If you provide more details about the motor you have (e.g. rated voltage, stall current, no-load speed or stall torque), I might be able to help you narrow down the selection.