Replacement for VNH5019

Hello, I’ve used the motor driver carrier VNH5019 for years in our production equipment. Today as I began a new test system, I learned ST has discontinued the chip. Does Pololu carry a replacement motor drive carrier? Thank you.


The VNH5019 motor driver has been affected by the global parts shortage and is very difficult to get at the moment, but we are not aware of any planned discontinuation (and it is still showing as an active part on ST’s website). Where did you see that they are discontinued?

We do not have a direct drop-in replacement for our VNH5019 motor driver carriers, but we generally recommend our High-Power Motor Drivers as alternatives that offer similar operating voltage ranges and output current capabilities. You can find our full selection of motor drivers here.


Hello Brandon,

I found the attached pdf while searching

As I read it again today, I realize it refers to an evaluation VNH5019. It was a long day yesterday.

In any case, after going through your website, I think the G2 High-Power 18v18 Shield might be our next step. We’re testing automotive solenoids at 1 kHz and duty cycles that vary from 0 to 100%. I use LabVIEW code to send commands to an Arduino that controls the motor driver carrier.

Thank you for reaching out to me. I greatly appreciate it!

STMicroelectronics_11253.pdf (163 KB)