Removing the Magnetic disc and the encoder on the Pololu's motor

Hello. I am using this Pololu’s DC motor, without the gearbox . I need to remove the encoder from this motor and put it on another motor since this motor is not working. The magnetic disc is very hard to remove, is there a way to remove the magnetic disc? I am unable to remove it with strength, because if I am using more strength , it is scraping away the magnet. Any suggestions on what to do?


Unfortunately, I do not have any suggestions for removing the encoder disc from our 25D gearmotors. The encoder discs are press-fit onto the motor shafts by machine, and they are not intended to be removed, the force required to do so could damage the motor or the disc. If you need a replacement motor with encoder, you can order that directly from us here, or you could check if one of our distributors have it.

- Cody