Remotely toggle between charging and powering the motherboard?

I am working on a senior design project at my university. We have spec’d out inductive chargers to use and a battery, but we are stuck on how to have the battery connected to both the charging circuit and the motherboard at the same time since we cannot access the circuitry to unplug the battery from the charging circuit and plug it back into the motherboard when it is finished charging.

Do you know of any hardware we could use like maybe a switch of some sort that would allow them both to be connected and remotely toggle between charging and powering the motherboard?


A simple SPDT switch could work for switching the battery connection if you are fine with toggling it manually. If you want something that can be controlled electrically, you could consider a relay, optionally with one of our carrier boards.

If powering the load will not interfere too much with the charging of the battery, you might be able to leave your battery, charging circuit, and load all connected together at the same time. You can find some discussion about this on this StackExchange question, although whether it is practical could depend on some other specifics of your system (e.g. battery chemistry and charging method).