Remote potentiometer for RC servo

Hi, I am just now thinking about this, so there may be a ready answer somewhere. I would like to remove the pot from a servo and replace it with one attached to the driven component. The servo output would then be running multiple revolutions to rotate the driven component something like 270 degrees. So I guess it’s the equivalent of adding another stage to the servo’s geartrain. Any issues with doing this?


That sounds like a product ServoCity sells, so you might be able to do something similar:

However, I do not know of any resources I can point you too to make one like that.

If you are successful in making your own, I am sure our other forum members would love to see how you did it.


Hi Derrill,
I just discovered that ServoCity unit as well. That’s the same idea. I’ll just be building the second stage myself because it has to have an open area in the center. Will report back . . .