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Regulator For RPi


I could use a regulator for running an RPi from a 12V source. I mean a regulator with just a little more voltage than 5.0V. This could be a buck or a buck-boost set to 5.1V or 5.15V. Ive seen these for plugging into the wall, but my application runs off 12V/solar. It could even be an adjustable regulator. Ive had some bad luck with my system (frying RPis and components) so I will only trust an adjustable regulator with a worm screw potentiometer. I also do not want to have to modify any board resistors to make an existing regulator work.

Someday in the future, can you think about making some of these? (5.10-5.15 Volts or worm-screw adjustable).

thank you!


Yeah, unfortunately, we don’t really have anything that would work for you. Thanks for the feedback though! We will keep it in mind for future boards.

By the way, it sounds like this is not the case, but if you are interested in getting a lot of 5.10-5.15V regulators, we could make custom units for you.


Thank you for the response.

I thought about it over the weekend and decided the best thing for me to do would be to adjust the output of a Pololu regulator. I really did not want to do this, mostly for my own convenience. I looked at the regulator IC datasheet and did some calcs. A couple minutes of work, not a big deal.

Still, it would be nice to order one already set up.


Following up. I bought a 6A 5V regulator and replaced one of the resistors on the feedback pin. Yes, I did the calcs first. Output voltage is now 5.19 Volts. The RPi stability has improved from rebooting 1+ times a day to no longer rebooting. This RPi also powers a wifi dongle, powers a bunch of sensors and LEDs, and controls a JRK. There are intermittent loads pulling the voltage down. The work to swap out the resistor took seconds.

I still think Pololu should offer a step-down regulator set at 5.15 V or so.

One thing I will do with my projects, when a bunch of RPis are in the same area, is to run 12V (from a single MeanWell supply) to all the RPis, with a 5V regulator at each pi. Sure there are some extra losses on the 12V, but I dont have a mess of 120V cords and dont have a bunch of wall adapters on a big power strip.

I’m glad increasing the regulated voltage a little solved your rebooting issue. I have seen many RPi projects in particular that use regulators set to a little over 5V and offering that as an output voltage option for some of our regulators is something we are considering.