Regulator for NUC?

NUC’s will run on between 12V to 19V @ 90W. Are there any Pololu regulators with this amp rating that are above 12V? I’ve noticed in some of my designs that momentary voltage dips from the 12V minimum can damage the computer. Is there anything say 15V+? I can’t seem to find any on the website. My bus voltage is ~30-36V.



Unfortunately, we do not have any step-down regulators with outputs over 12V that can handle more than an amp. If you have the space, you might consider a dedicated power supply (like standard laptop supplies).


Thanks for the reply, Claire. Is there any reason why? This would probably be a popular product.

There is not one particular reason, more a variety of factors that generally make higher voltages regulator less interesting for us. We have not had many requests for them, and we have a huge backlog of higher-priority products to work on. We will take your interest into account for the future though.