Regulated symmetric power supply

Hi there,
we’ve been using some of your smaller regulators since a little while to provide stable 5V and 12V supplies.

I have a requirement for a symmetric power supply with +12v and -12v outputs, from e.g. 5v in. I was wondering if any of your step up regulators can work symmetrically as pairs, or if you have or are planning anything like this?

For example your U3V70x and U3V50x devices : they have VIN and GND on one side and VOUT and GND on the other. Are the two ground connections isolated? Can I connect one ‘up side down’ to generate a negative supply? Same with S18V20x.

If the answer is no, is there some way any of your existing regulators can be modified to work this way?


The input and output grounds are connected on all our regulators, so there isn’t some good way to use them for what you are trying to do. Unfortunately, we currently have no specific plans of making something like that, either.