Refresher needed on adding a new app to Eclipse

I have a wixel workspace defined, and within that a few Wixel SDK versions, and of course each has an “apps” folder. I can see that to start a new app, I can copy a similar app to a new folder with a different name within the corresponding SDK, navigate to that SDK root, and type “make”, and I can see the new app compiles. But to do it right, I imagine I should rename all the individual files within the new project folder? Or can I just discard most of them beyond customizations like “”.

But then next and more important, what is the proper way to tell eclipse about the new app? It seems I open Eclipse to the existing workspace and open the sdk and apps folder, and its not there. A refresh (F5) does not find the new app, or display it in the project explorer. Is it a matter of “importing into existing code”?

Having been down the road of Eclipse nightmares before, I know “guessing” is a sure way to a wasted day. Can anyone share a procedure on this?


What I usually do is go to the Project Explorer pane, left-click on “wixel-sdk”, and then press F5. You could also right-click on it and select “Refresh” from the menu. I tried it just now in the latest version of Eclipse and it works fine for me, displaying a newly added app.